作者 Ivan-Noah Tang
出版社 Ming Man Publications Limited
ISBN 9789888526772
分類 Social Science > Law > Land Lord & Tenant
Hong Kong is a short-pitched society whose habit is to leverage the spree for living. Within the ambit of city vibrance and adaptability, the impetus to economy rests with the scarcity of land resources. This is endorsed by embracing PRC motherland for sustaining economy in tourism and Chinese red chip company listing on Hong Kong stock exchange market. Much devolution with the Hong Kong identity is awaiting the ideology to greet the compulsive dynamic merging into the economy with Greater Bay Area.

The downside of close unifying to PRC in the past two decades is the lost track on legal framework without a coherent answer to efficaciously amalgamate Chinese civil law system into common law tradition inherited since the colonial era. This elicits much social unrest and discomfort. The debate on legislating Article 23 of the Basic Law is a trivial revelation to the pragmatic dilemma with the two legal systems. A charge with common assault or public nuisance is discreetly silent to improvise the notion in sedition and public disorder. There remains yet certain imperfect implementation with Chinese civil law system to honour human rights and democracy, to veto elected candidate and political party, to cater for Hong Kong education style in anthem law, and to upkeep judicial independence from administration and coordination amongst public bodies to judiciary quality in delivering judgment.

New legislation and legal branches of competition law and tribunal is the notable evidence to overhaul Hong Kong legal system into a globally practising standard. An understanding of market competition and economy is the prerequisite for the full enaction with Competition Ordinance outside the restrictive application to price rigging in tendering practice or to monopoly in corporate shareholding. Domestically, the legal strategy with stamp duty in Hong Kong governance sporadically missed out a tangible picture for a succinct pragmatism to curb the rocketing price of land property. This entails amendment to enacted legislation in the aftermath.

Absorbing knowledge and resilience in travelling and living a life in different countries is of paramount importance to be conscious on lifestyle and cultural pursuit at the hustle and bustle of city life. This book serves you as a guide and reference to live sentiently in the small city of Hong Kong.

About the Author:

Ivan-Noah Tang received his education in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom and is a backpacker with domiciling residence in many countries. He is wilfully conscious of the hysteria with American racism, British subtlety and Chinese custom. Ironically and contrary to ostensible dichotomy, he relies upon self-esteem and assurance on the unrivalled liberty and autonomy in American, conservatism and elitism in Englishman, and convenience and localist dialect with a HKID card in Hong Kong.

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