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The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit
Author Sarah Brennan
Publisher Auspicious Times
ISBN 9789881888259
Classification Children > Young Reader 4-8 > Picture Book
Price HK$97.00
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The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit features one bad bunny a rabbit who insists on raiding the vegetable patch of the mighty Emperor Qin Shi Huang on a nightly basis, leaving the Emperor (who loves his greens) in a state of rage and utter despair! And so the royal decree goes out across China - somebody or something must stop that rabbit! Set at the end of the Warring States period some two thousand years ago, the story echoes the true story of the Hiong-Nou, descendants of Caucasian horsemen and ancestors of the Huns, who rose to prominence on the Chinese northern border at that time, and who raided and pillaged the rich northern farmlands of China, causing the Emperor to build the first section of the Great Wall to thwart them.

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