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作者 Mathew Pryor
出版社 MCCM Creations
ISBN 9789881311474
分類 工程學 > 環境工程 > 農業及農藝學
價格 HK$150.00

Many residents in high density cities, such as Hong Kong, have a strong desire to grow their own vegetables and to subscribe to an environmentally sustainable urban lifestyle. Rooftop farming can offer opportunities. Growing vegetables and fruits on a roof poses specific environmental and technical challenges, as it varies from typical urban farming, given the amount of sun and wind differs greatly from farming at ground level. With experience in building rooftop farms, and 25 years of research and field work in the landscape field, Mathew Pryor has developed this companion guide for individuals and community groups wanting to create and run sustainable productive farms on their own roofs, with a minimum of effort and expense.


Mathew Pryor,為香港大學園境建築學部主任,主要教授園境設計、栽種及可持續實踐。其研究範圍集中於城市綠化和高密度城市中的綠色植被。Pryor 是一名註冊園境師,也是香港園境師學會的會員,亦為國際樹木學會的註冊樹藝師。他在香港和東南亞擁有逾二十年的專業經驗,包括參與大型項目如香港濕地公園及於大嶼山竹篙灣發展的香港迪士尼樂園計劃,以及更多常規的樹木保護及移植項目、生態復修計劃和天台綠化工程。Pryor 熱心推廣城市中的天台耕作。

About the author:

Mathew Pryor is currently Head of the Division of Landscape Architecture at The University of Hong Kong, and teaches landscape design, planting and sustainable practices. His research focuses on aspects of urban greening and vegetation in high density cities. He is a Registered Landscape Architect and Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects, as well as being an ISA Certified Arborist. His more than 20 years of specialist landscape experience in Hong Kong and SE Asia, include both high profile projects such as the Hong Kong Wetland Park, and the Penny’s Bay Development for Hong Kong Disneyland, and more routine tree protection and transplanting projects, ecological remediation schemes and green roof constructions. Pryor is a keen advocate of productive urban farming.

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