《40個教育提案:把快樂帶回給香港學生》 (40 Education Proposals: Bring Happiness Back to Hong Kong Students)
作者 陳美齡
出版社 三聯書店(香港)有限公司
ISBN 9789620441585
分類 教育 > 教育政策及制度
流行讀物 > 勵志讀物
價格 HK$68.00


Hong Kong education and its issues have captured significant attention in recent years. Notable examples include the education reform, national education curriculum, liberal studies, STEM, Chinese history and cultures, TSA, and extra HK$5 billion for education. While we believe that every policy is initiated by a sound vision, the education policies have created immense pressure and discontent on students, teachers, and parents. What are the root causes - problems with execution? Insufficient support? Lack of resources? Something's wrong with our philosophy of education? In this book, Dr. Agnes Chan will give you 40 proposals to bring happiness back to education students.



Agnes Chan was born in Hong Kong and obtained her PhD in Education from Stanford University. Chan is not only a well-known performer; she is also an author, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, an ambassador for the Japanese Cancer Society, and a professor at multiple universities. Chan has published over eighty books in Japanese and English. She is an advocate of women's rights, helps children around the world through her voluntary work, and promotes world peace through culture and education. Chan is a key opinion leader in Japan and her views have been widely featured on Time and other world renowned magazines. Her first Chinese book, 50 education method: a mother who put her three sons into Stanford (2016) , was met with tremendous enthusiasm. It has been reprinted ten times within half a year and remains a best-seller in Hong Kong. Many parents and teachers have consulted Chan for education advice at her lectures in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Empathetic to their concerns, Chan started researching on the problems of Hong Kong education and its root cause. 40 Education Proposals: Bring Happiness Back to Hong Kong Students (in Chinese and English) is Chan’s tribute to her homeland and a gift to her fellow Hong Kong citizens. Chan offers exceptional insights into the issues of Hong Kong education. Her perceptive 40 reform proposals are valuable references for all stakeholders in education.



學前教育 第一提案

幼稚園 第二至第五提案

小學 第六至第二十一提案

初中及高中 第二十二至 第二十八提案

專上教育 第二十九至 第三十五提案

教師 第三十六至 第三十八提案

其他 第三十九至 第四十提案

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