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Little Explorers: The Farm
作者 Dynamo Ltd.
出版社 Templar
ISBN 9781783708161
分類 Children > Preschool > Pop-up / Novelty
價格 HK$135.00
FARM is a lively introduction to life on a farm, where children can lift the flaps to learn about everything that goes on throughout the year. Young readers will be amazed as they find out what happens at harvest time, the different jobs of animals on the farm, what different farm machinery does, and much, much more. This book features over 30 sturdy flaps to lift, along with charming, kid-friendly artwork that introduces new concepts and vocabulary in a simple and accessible way.

Perfect for preschoolers who are hungry for facts and figures to deepen their understanding of the world, this is an impressively comprehensive overview of life on a modern, British Farm, presented in a fun and accessible way. From the crop fields to the milking parlour, taking in machinery, harvest time, the stables and the vegetable patch along the way, readers are given an in-depth tour of a successful agricultural business through the seasons, with new vocabulary and concepts introduced through intriguing lift-the-flap opportunities and cool,quirky artwork that injects fun and humour throughout. Supporting children's desire to grow as independent learners regardless of how long it might be before they are independent readers, the Little Explorers series of which this is a part also covers such perennially popular topics as 'Dinosaurs','Outer space' and 'The animal world'; the books are a pleasure to share, encouraging child-led discovery and further research, and acting as an appealing bridge between basic primers, and the kinds of non-fiction reference books that are on offer at KS1 and beyond.
--Teach Early years

This is a charming 'lift the flap' book that tells children all about different aspects of a farmyard. From the buildings to the animals, each page is bright and interesting, with short sentences that introduce children to subject specific terminology and jobs that children might not be familiar with - such as farriers or different farm machinery. The illustrations are cartoon like in style which makes the book more appealing, in my opinion, and the flaps make the book more engaging for children. This is a good book for children who are keen to learn more about farms, or could be used to introduce an 'on the farm' topic to children. It is informative but easy to understand.
--Reading Zone

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