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Just Food
Author J. M. Dieterle
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield International
ISBN 9781783483877
Classification Philosophy > Other
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Who has access, and who is denied access, to food, and why? What are the consequences of food insecurity? What would it take for the food system to be just? Just Food: Philosophy, Justice and Food presents twelve new philosophical essays that explore the causes and consequences of the inequities of our contemporary food system. It examines why 842 million people globally are unable to meet their dietary needs, and why food insecurity is not simply a matter of insufficient supply. The book looks at how food insecurity tracks other social injustices, covering topics such as gender and property, as well as food sovereignty, food deserts, and locavorism. The essays in this volume make an important and timely contribution to the wider philosophical debate around food distribution and justice.


Introduction: J.M. Dieterle

Part I: Food Access

Chapter 1: J. Michael Scoville, "Framing Food Justice"

Chapter 2: Stephen Minister, "Food, Hunger, and Property"

Chapter 3: J.M. Dieterle, "Food Deserts and Lockean Property"

Chapter 4: Jennifer Szende, "Food Deserts, Justice, and the Distributive Paradigm"

Part II: Food Systems

Chapter 5: Ian Werkheiser, Shakara Tyler, and Paul Thompson, " Food Sovereignty: Two Conceptions of Food Justice"

Chapter 6: Mark Navin, "Food Sovereignty and Gender Justice: The Case of La Via Campesina"

Chapter 7: Steve Tammelleo, "Food Policy, Mexican Migration, and Collective Responsibility"

Part III: Food and Gender

Chapter 8: Lori Watson, "Food is a Feminist Issue"

Chapter 9: Nancy M. Williams, "Meat Eating and Masculinity: A Foucauldian Analysis"

Chapter 10: Margaret Crouch, "Food, Film and Gender"

Part IV: Local Food

Chapter 11: Nancy E. Snow, "'Food Virtue': Can We Make Virtuous Food Choices?"

Chapter 12: Liz Goodnick, "Limits on Locavorism"

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