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China, India and the Future of International Society
Author Jamie Gaskarth
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield International
ISBN 9781783482603
Classification History > World History > Other
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China and India have huge potential to exert global influence due to their geography, population size and material resources. Now their spectacular economic growth has led many commentators to predict a shift in power from West to East and the dawn of an "Asian century" based on Asian values. But what are these values? Does economic power neatly translate into political power? Will China and India wish to challenge the existing ethical framework of international society? This volume argues that it is vital to understand how China and India view international society in order to anticipate their impact as they achieve ascendancy. It explores the evolution of these states' attitudes towards concepts such as sovereignty, international society, power transitions, normative power, and ethical trends, and addresses how they have sought to promote their own normative identities and policy agenda thus far. Unpicking common assumptions about these rising powers, this book engages in a systematic consideration of the ethical attitudes of China and India in the national context and goes on to examine how those translate into their interactions with international society.

About the Author:

Jamie Gaskarth is associate professor (senior lecturer) in international relations at the University of Plymouth, UK. He has published four books on foreign policy and global governance as well as writing articles for a number of major international journals including Review of International Studies, International Affairs, European Journal of International Relations and Foreign Policy Analysis. He was a Visiting Scholar at Berkeley, in 2011 and is the convenor of an ESRC seminar series on "The rising powers and international society."

Introduction, Jamie Gaskarth

1. Evolution and Practices of the Indian Notion of Sovereignty, Happymon Jacob

2. Chinese Notions of Sovereignty: A Historical Perspective, Chen Yudan

3. Great Power Aspiration & Indian Conceptions of International Society, Chris Ogden

4. Rising Powers and International Society: Lessons from the Past and the Case of China, David Armstrong

5. Normative Power India?, Ian Hall

6. China's Search for Normative Power and the Possibilities of the Asian Century, David Kerr

7. Sovereignty vs Human Rights in a Post-Western World?, Chris Brown

Conclusion, Jamie Gaskarth



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