Heart Healing: The Power of Forgiveness & Letting Go
作者 Susyn Reeve
出版社 Mango
ISBN 9781633535886
分類 Self-Help > Self Improvement
價格 HK$161.00
Letting Go of the Past

Is unresolved anger holding you back from happiness today? Do you wonder if it is really possible to free your heart and mind of the emotional wounds of the past?

Foregiveness: In Heart Healing: The Power of Forgiveness and Letting Go you are expertly guided to put compassion and unconditional love into action in practical, easy, and lasting ways. Susyn Reeve invites you to address the emotional wounds in your life that are calling for forgiveness and letting go of the past. Some of the topics get right to the core of the broken heartedness of life’s challenges; others may be surprising; and many may have gone unnoticed in your life - until now. This book is filled with potent opportunities for lasting life-changing heart-healing. Each lesson includes stories, exercises, and powerful affirmations to free you from any resentment and anger you are holding towards yourself or others. The “emotional clutter” of old resentments, grudges, guilt, and shame are blocks to love and a direct call for heart-Healing. When you dive deeply into Heart-Healing you will learn:

* About the science of forgiveness and the studies that show that the desire to forgive and be forgiven are a major focus of those facing death

* To identify the specific beliefs that continue to activate your emotional wounds and unresolved anger

* How to forgive yourself and others

* How healing your heart contributes to healing the broken-heartedness in the world today.

Letting go of anger, letting go of guilt, and letting go of shame: Susyn Reeve, an interfaith minister who apprenticed under Don Miguel Ruiz, takes readers through a process of heart-healing: acknowledging old grievances and wounds, childhood programming, memories of being bullied, relationships with family, friends, break-ups and divorces, betrayal and work issues, and all the events which bruise us in our day-to-day life. In addition she addresses the pain and suffering caused by current global issues and crises, that impact our communities and the world. Reeve shares her own 9/11 story and how that galvanized her to help others practice forgiveness. Written in her wise and warm trademark style, Reeve’s book is an insightful, inspiring, refreshingly honest, and practical guide to living a life of contentment, connection, and long-overdue joy. The helpful and hopeful advice and lessons on these pages add up to a transformative journey of peace of mind. Susyn does not gloss over life’s pain and struggles rather she shows how to use them as springboards to new open-hearted perspectives and possibilities so you can readily feast on the magnificent gift of life.

About the Author:

Susan Reeve is an award-winning author, the co-founder of Self-Esteem-Experts.com, and the co-host of the popular podcast, www.ReinventionSuccessStories.com. Susyn has 40 years experience as a Coach, Corporate Consultant, Educator and Interfaith Minister. Her clients have included: American Express, New York University, Exxon, Continental Airlines, The Metropolitan Museum, YPO (Young Presidents Organization), and Mount Sinai Medical Center. She has been a Delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and an adjunct Associate Professor at New York University.

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