Smithsonian First Discoveries: Big World
作者 Courtney Acampora
出版社 Silver Dolphin Books
ISBN 9781626864832
分類 Children > Preschool > Early Learning
價格 HK$161.00
In this bright and lively four board book set, little people will explore the big world! Each board book focuses on a unique habitat, introducing youngsters to the animals that call each habitat home. From the jungle to the ocean, children can learn to identify animals and their habitats through bright photographs, clear labels, and simple facts.

About the Author:

Courtney Acampora holds a B.A. in art history from San Diego State University and a M.A. from the University of Arizona. Currently working in publishing, Courtney's lifelong love for both art and books fused together and gave her the opportunity to write and create engaging activities for kids. When she's not engrossed in a book, Courtney enjoys hiking, spending time with friends, and swimming in her backyard pool with her Labrador Retriever, Remington.

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