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Aircraft Dispatcher Oral Exam Guide eBundle
Author David C. Ison
Publisher Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc.
ISBN 9781619540712
Classification Engineering > Other
Price HK$285.00
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This money-saving eBundle includes both the Aircraft Dispatcher Oral Exam Guide softcover Book and ASA eBook PDF.

Aircraft Dispatchers are a critical link in air safety and a viable career option for many aviators. This exciting career path is experiencing tremendous growth, placing dispatchers in high demand as the worldwide increase in air travel continues.

The FAA Practical Exam for Aircraft Dispatcher is equivalent in size and scope to the Air Transport Pilot (ATP) oral exam that an airline captain must successfully complete. The Aircraft Dispatcher Oral Exam Guide by Dr. David C. Ison prepares applicants for the exam with an explanation of the certification process, knowledge requirements in a question-and-answer format, and reference materials for further study. It covers the aircraft dispatcher Practical Test Standard subject areas such as route planning, regulations, training and currency requirements, certification, responsibilities and authority, aviation weather, manuals and documents, as well as practical applications of all topics.

The Aircraft Dispatcher Oral Exam Guide also provides current dispatchers with a thorough review for their annual proficiency checks, and is beneficial to airmen and aspiring airline pilots seeking a better understanding of dispatch flight operations.

Author David C. Ison has been involved in the aviation industry for over 24 years, as a flight instructor and as an ATP for both regional and major airlines flying domestic and international routes. Dr. Ison is an Associate Professor of Aviation at Rocky Mountain College.

About the Author:

Dr. David C. Ison is an associate professor of aviation at Rocky Mountain College and regularly contributes articles to scholarly aviation journals such as IFR Refresher and Professional Pilot, as well as to Plane & Pilot magazine. He has been involved in the aviation industry for nearly a quarter century, serving as a flight instructor, first officer, captain, and chief pilot for regional and major airlines. He has more than 6,000 hours of flight time and numerous certifications. He was honored by the National Association of Flight Instructors as a Master Ground Instructor. He lives in Billings, Montana.

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