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Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats (HB)
Author Joseph Weiss
Publisher Momentum Press
ISBN 9781606501979
Classification Engineering > Industrial Engineering
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Aimed at both the novice and expert in IT security and industrial control systems (ICS), this book will help readers gain a better understanding of protecting ICSs from electronic threats. Cyber security is getting much more attention and “SCADA security” (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a particularly important part of this field, as are Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), and all the other, field controllers, sensors, drives, and emission controls that make up the “intelligence” of modern industrial buildings and facilities.

Some Key Features include…

* How to better understand the convergence between Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and general IT systems
* Insight into educational needs and certifications
* How to conduct Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
* Descriptions and observations from malicious and unintentional ICS cyber incidents
* Recommendations for securing ICS

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