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Characterization of Ceramics (HB)
Author Ronald Loehman
Publisher Momentum Press
ISBN 9781606501948
Classification Engineering > Material Engineering
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Ceramics are, in a general definition, materials that consist of man-made, inorganic, non-metallic solid material—either existing in a crystalline state or non-crystalline state (i.e., glasses). Materials characterization techniques are used to ensure the structural and surface integrity of ceramics for their use in a wide variety of applications, from thermal resistance to advanced electronic and optical technologies like fiber optics to structural uses.

This book presents those techniques along with views on future trends in ceramics processing and advanced characterization technologies particularly appropriate to ceramics materials. Readers will find more on:

* Ceramic Materials preparation routes, including powder preparation by solution techniques and gas-phase techniques
* Formation techniques for ceramic films and coatings, thick films and bulk ceramics
* A review of ceramic microstructure, reactions, phase behavior, mechanical properties and electronic and magnetic ceramics

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