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Characterization of Polymers (HB)
Author Ned J. Chou, Stephen P. Kowalczyk, Ravi Saraf
Publisher Momentum Press
ISBN 9781606500538
Classification Engineering > Material Engineering
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Polymer are organic, often complex molecular compounds used as the building blocks for plastics, elastomers and various types of synthetic engineered materials. Polymer scientists and chemists are not always familiar with the characterization methods best used for polymeric materials. And knowing what characterization technology works best can make a huge difference in getting an accurate understanding of internal and surface microstructure and ultimately desired properties for the myriads of polymer applications in use today. Useful case studies help to better illustrate the common types of problems and challenges when characterizing polymers.

* Review of basic polymer structures and synthesis routes, as well as chemical composition
* Characterization techniques appropriate for morphology of surfaces, interfaces and thin films
* Useful background on polymer surface thermodynamics, as well as adhesion properties and polymer-polymer interfaces properties and characterization techniques

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