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C in Pictures: A Visual Introduction to Programming in C
Author Ank Co. Ltd
Publisher No Starch Press
ISBN 9781593279004
Classification Computer & Information Technology > Programming
Price HK$190.00
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Lively, easy-to-follow illustrations and diagrams help simplify difficult concepts in this introductory guide to the C programming language. Covers basic programming, operators, control flow statements, arrays and pointers, functions, file input and output, structures, and program organization. The C programming language is popular and widely used, but it comes with a steep learning curve. With colourful illustrations and helpful commentary on every page, C in Pictures takes the chore out of learning C programming. You'll start with learning the components of a basic program, then work your way through key concepts like operators, control flow statements, pointers, functions, and program composition. Each topic is laid out in two-page spreads that talk about single ideas from start to finish, and dozens of handy diagrams, charts, and drawings help you visualize challenging concepts.

About the Author:

Ank Co., Ltd. is a Japanese software company that publishes computer-related magazines and books on topics like programming, web development, operating systems, and networking.

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