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Dirty Signs: The World's 150 Most Unfortunately Named Streets, Towns and Places
Author Rob Bailey
Publisher Ulysses Press
ISBN 9781569755549
Classification Art > Craft
Price HK$114.00
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What worse place to wake to a hangover than Puke, Albania? How many couples have booked their honeymoon in Climax, Michigan? And how many men have gone out of their way to visit Slut, Sweden? Dirty Signs pictures the official road signs to the poorly named places nobody wants to call home. This fantastic collection proves that humor is found just about anywhere in this big, bawdy world — from the gutters to the gateways. Gathered by wayward camera-wielding travelers, these stumbled-upon signs sporting unfortunate translations might benefit from some modern editing by transportation departments from Algeria to South Africa and Honolulu to Hong Kong. The book's mind-boggling signs are accompanied by zinging captions and the signs' tragic locations.

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