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Sorting the Beef from the Bull
作者 Richard Evershed
ISBN 9781472911353
分類 Engineering > Food Science
價格 HK$160.00
Horse meat in our burgers, melamine in our infant formula, artificial colors in our fish and fruit--as our urban lifestyle takes us farther away from our food sources, there are increasing opportunities for dishonesty, duplicity, and profit-making shortcuts. Food adulteration, motivated by money, is an issue that has spanned the globe throughout human history. Whether it's a matter of making a good quality oil stretch a bit further by adding a little extra "something" or labeling a food falsely to appeal to current consumer trends--it's all food fraud. Consumers may pay the ultimate costs for these crimes, with their health and, in some cases, their lives. So how do we sort the beef from the bull (or horse, as the case may be)?

Illustrious biogeochemist Richard Evershed and science writer Nicola Temple explain the scientific tools and techniques that have revealed the century's biggest food fraud scams. They explore the arms race between scientists and adulterators as better techniques for detection spur more creative and sophisticated means of adulteration, and review the up-and-coming techniques and devices that will help the industry and consumers fight food fraud in the future. Engagingly written, Sorting the Beef from the Bull lifts the lid on the forensics involved in food fraud, and brings to light the full story of a fascinating and underreported world of applied science.

About the Author:

Richard Evershed is a biogeochemistry professor at the University of Bristol and a pioneer in the world of analytical chemistry. His methodologies have been used widely, including in detecting illegal vegetable oil adulteration.

Nicola Temple is a biologist, conservationist, and science writer. Both authors are based in Bristol, U.K.

Introduction: Fraud 101

1: A creaminal record

2: What's your beef?

3: A slippery deal

4: FINgerprinting

5: Hummuside

6: White collard crimes

7: The future of fruit forensics

8: Sniffing out crime

9: Prevention and personal safetea

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