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The Global Silicon Valley Handbook
作者 Michael Moe
出版社 Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 9781455570324
分類 Business & Finance > e-Commerce
價格 HK$190.00
Silicon Valley has become synonymous with big ideas, start-ups and inventing the future. People from around the world are drawn to its society-transforming businesses such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Uber. Pop culture has also become infatuated by Silicon Valley, as evidenced by The Social Network or HBO's Silicon Valley. And now the Silicon Valley is starting to go global. But how does one enter this vibrant and innovative market?

In THE GLOBAL SILICON VALLEY HANDBOOK, bestselling author, venture capitalist, and global thought leader, Michael Moe, maps out an insider's guide to Silicon Valley and the hottest emerging markets from around the world. You will learn a range of tips and tricks, from who the top angel investors are, to phrases to avoid in a pitch, to even the best place to have a beer while bumping into potential funders in your market.

Visually engaging with forward-looking tips and infographics, THE GLOBAL SILICON VALLEY HANDBOOK appeals to the entrepreneur in all of us.

About the Author:

Michael Moe, co-founder of GSV Asset Management and co-founder, CEO + CIO of GSV Capital, is regarded as one of the world's preeminent authorities on growth investing. His insights have been routinely solicited by everyone from CNBC to Congress. He has written extensively about investing in the emerging growth equity markets, and is the author of Finding the Next Starbucks, a business bestseller.

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