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Nuddy Ned's Christmas
作者 Kes Gray
出版社 Bloomsbury Childrens
ISBN 9781408865996
分類 Children > Preschool > Picture Book
價格 HK$105.00
Santa's sleigh was on its way
just leaving Lanzarote.
"Goodness Gracious," Blitzen cried.
"Did I just see a botty?"

It's Christmas Eve, and minus three, but Ned doesn't care. While other people are dressed in duffle coats and parkas, Ned is running riot, and he's completely starkers! And there is a very special person Ned just can't wait to meet!

A laugh-out-loud riotous romp with an energetic rhyming text and strategically placed flaps to protect Ned's modesty. From the author of Oi Frog and the illustrator of The Dinosaur That Pooped series.

About the Author:

Kes Gray is the author of the award-winning Eat Your Peas and Oi Frog!. He also the author for titles in the acclaimed Daisy young fiction series - all illustrated by Nick Sharratt. Kes lives in Essex with his wife and children.

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