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MLPER #5: Fluttershy's Secret Song
Author My Little Pony
Publisher Orchard
ISBN 9781408351642
Classification Children > Young Reader 4-8 > Reading Series
Price HK$75.00
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This full-colour Early Reader is perfect for young pony fans just starting their own reading adventure.

Fluttershy loves singing, but she's much too shy to perform in public. When Big Mac loses his voice before a concert with his band the Ponytones, Fluttershy volunteers to step in - as long as she can stay hidden. Can Fluttershy learn to overcome her fears?

With all your favourite My Little Pony friends and simple language endorsed by a literacy consultant, learning to read has never been more fun!

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Pinkie Pie's Perfect Party,
Rainbow Dash's Big Race!
and Applejack's Sister Surprise.

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