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Healthcare Disrupted: Next Generation Business Models and Strategies
Author Anne O'Riordan
Publisher Wiley
ISBN 9781119171881
Classification Health & Medicine > Medical Administration & Policy
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Healthcare Disrupted is an in-depth look at the disruptive forces driving change in the the healthcare industry and provides guide for defining new operating and business models in response to these profound changes.

Based on original research conducted by Accenture and years of experience working with the most successful companies in the industry, healthcare experts Jeff Elton and Anne O'Riordan provide an informed, insightful view of the state of the industry, what's to come, and new emerging business models for life sciences companies play a different role from the past in to driving superior outcomes for patients and playing a bigger role in creating greater value for healthcare overall. Their book explains how critical global healthcare trends are challenging legacy strategies and business models, and examines why historical leaders in the industy must evolve, to stay relevant and compete with new entrants.

Healthcare Disrupted captures this pivotal point in time to give executives and senior managers across pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, medical diagnostics, digital technology, and health services companies an opportunity to step back and consider the changing landscape. This book gives companies options for how to adapt and stay relevant and outlines four new business models that can drive sustainable growth and performance. It demonstrates how real-world data (from Electronic Medical Records, health wearables, Internet of Things, digital media, social media, and other sources) is combining with scalable technologies and advanced analytics to fundamentally change how and where healthcare is delivered, bridging to the health of populations, and broadening the resposibility for both. It reveals how this shift in healthcare delivery will significantly improve patient outcomes and the value health systems realize.

About the Author:

JEFF ELTON, Ph.D., is the Managing Director of Accenture Strategy and global lead of Predictive Health Intelligence and Patient Pathways practices. He is a founder and board member of several therapeutics and healthcare companies. He is a frequent author on topics of health innovation, analytics, and value. He is currently a board member of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council and recent lecturer at the Boston University, Questrom School of Business, Health Management Program.

ANNE O'RIORDAN is the Global Industry Senior Managing Director of Accenture Life Sciences and a member of the operating board of Accenture's Products business. Based in China since 2007, she has worked throughout Europe, the United States, and Asia for the past 25 years, helping pharmaceutical, medical technology, and consumer health companies rethink, reshape, and restructure their businesses to deliver better patient outcomes. She has published numerous articles on the life sciences industry.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction xvii

Then, Now, and Potential xviii

Emerging Models xxi

Disrupting and Reshaping Responsibly xxii


Chapter 1 Why and How the Healthcare Industry Is Changing So Rapidly 3

Opportunities 5

The Signs of Change 6

A Closer Look at Healthcare Reform 7

Real Reform: Why This Time Will Be Different 9

From Reactive to Proactive 19

Chapter 2 Strategic Choices No Healthcare Company Can Avoid 23

Market Positioning: What Market Will My Organization Seek to Shape and What Will It Take to Influence That Marketplace? 24

Differentiating Capabilities: What Internal and External Capabilities Does My Organization Need in Order to Gain and Maintain a Leading Market Position? 31

Performance Anatomy: Pivoting the Operating Structures to Patients and Ensuring Differentiating Capabilities 37

A Responsibility for Your Companys Future 40


Chapter 3 Old Models and New 45

A Profile of the Old Way (The Starting Point for Many Organizations) 47

Fundamental Shifts in the Operating Environment 47

The New Models Array Themselves on Value and Payment Dimensions 51

The Emerging Business Models 52

Hybrids and Other Novel Solutions 60

Chapter 4 Lean Innovators 63

The Generic Chassis and How It Evolved 64

Shifting Opportunities and Rising Pressures 66

Enter the Lean Innovator Model 68

Early Challenges to the Lean Innovator Model 74

The Techniques of a Lean Innovator 76

The Lean Operating Model Position: Execution, Execution, Execution 79

Lean Innovators: Spoilers or Value Vanguard? 83

Chapter 5 Around-the-Patient Innovators 85

Identifying Unmet Needs 88

Innovating to Meet Needs, Fill Gaps 94

Examples of Emerging Around-the-Patient Innovators 100

The Questions That Around-the-Patient Innovators Ask and Why They Ask Them 104

The Around-the-Patient Operating Model: Innovating the Therapy and Patient Care 108

Around-the-Patient: New Commercial Model or Value Vanguard? 113

Chapter 6 Value Innovators 115

A Mindset Shift (Health as Opposed to Disease) 116

Value Innovators: The Living Service Providers 121

Better Operators: Examples of Emerging Value Innovators 125

How to Succeed as a Value Innovator 127

Suites of Solutions 129

The Value Innovator Operating Model Is Integrated, Digital, and Services- and Outcomes-Centric 129

The Value Innovator: Value Partner and Services Provider 135

Chapter 7 The New Health Digitals 137

Digital Gone Healthcare 139

Healthcare Gone Digital 142

Start-Up Digitals 145

Digital Economics in Healthcare 146

Implications Now, Soon, Later On 147

Working with the New Health Digitals 149

Health Digitals Positioning, Capabilities, and Anatomy 150

The Health Digitals: Disruptions and New Foundations 156


Chapter 8 Toward a New Model of Collaboration and Competition 159

Critical Innovations from Without 161

Value Innovating with Your Customers 162

Driving Convergence: At the Intersection of Therapeutics, Devices, and Process 166

Mapping Big Digital: Where Digital Consumer and Digital Healthcare Meet 170

Competition: Protecting the Business 174

Change Catalyzing Collaboration Catalyzing Change 176

Chapter 9 Talent Strategy for the New Healthcare Ecosystem 179

Transforming through Talent 180

Recruiting 183

Onboarding 186

Skills to Create Value 188


Chapter 10 A New Age of Healthcare Placing Patient and Value at the Center 193

New Future 195

New Language 198

New Economics 199

Your Starting Point, Your Strategies 200

Glossary 203

Notes 219

About the Authors 253

Index 255

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