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Rebooting Work
Author Maynard Webb
Publisher Jossey-Bass
ISBN 9781118226155
Classification Business & Finance > Small Business
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From Silicon Valley leader Maynard Webb, how we can leverage technology to change how we work

Maynard Webb has always been the go-to guy when Silicon Valley companies have thorny problems. Whether revamping eBay's crashing servers (transforming their technology weaknesses into a competitive strength) or investing in emerging technology start-ups, Webb brings strategic and operational savvy to every issue and venture. In his first book, Webb brings this same focus to tackle outdated models of work, created a century ago, which no longer sync up with either individual or employers' needs.

Through a unique framework, Webb identifies 4 different mindsets around work (the company man, CEO of your own destiny, disenchanted employee, and the aspiring entrepreneur). It organizes those who are self-motivated versus those who are waiting to be discovered and aims to give readers the tools to become more self-actualized, happier, and ultimately more fulfilled in their careers. In identifying a paradigm shift that is already under way, Webb demonstrates clearly how to harness technology to embrace our own personal happiness, allowing people to become more productive at work and also spend more time with their families.

* Contains a framework that demonstrates how we can leverage technology to create better job opportunities and foster more balanced lives
* Written by Maynard Webb, chairman of LiveOps, former COO of e-Bay, founder of Webb Investment Network (WIN), and board member of Yahoo! and
* Includes personalized worksheets and empowering action-oriented advice

Rebooting Work reveals how anyone can take control of his or her own future, finding greater fulfillment, productivity, and happiness.

Foreword: The Benchmark of Success ix
by MegWhitman

Preface xiii

Introduction xxv

Part 1 Why Work Isn't Working

1 Changing Work 3

2 Technology: Powering the Future of Work 11

Part 2 Reframing How We Think About Work

3 The Framework 27

4 Frame 1: The Company Man or Woman 41

5 Frame 2: CEO of Your Own Destiny 61

6 Frame 3: The Disenchanted Employee 79

7 Frame 4: The Aspiring Entrepreneur 105

8 The Age of Entrepreneurship 123

Conclusion: Break New Snow 133

Part 3 Getting Started

Appendix A The Worksheet 141

Appendix B Worksheet Examples 147

Appendix C Services You Should Know About 157

Notes 161

Acknowledgments 171

About the Authors 175

Index 177

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