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Pulsar Astronomy (Cambridge Astrophysics)
作者 Andrew Lyne
出版社 Cambridge University Press
ISBN 9781107010147
分類 Natural Science > Aviation & Astronomy
價格 HK$1330.00
Over the last 40 years, an astonishing range of astrophysics has become accessible through pulsar astronomy. The body of literature on this rapidly growing research area is vast and observational techniques now cover the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum. Now in its fourth edition, this authoritative volume gives a thorough introduction to the field. It is extensively revised throughout and new material includes: astrometry of binary pulsars and relativity theory; millisecond pulsars; the origin and Galactic population of pulsars and magnetars; and the pulsed emission from radio to gamma-rays. Within each topic, the authors concentrate on the fundamental physics and list extensive references, spanning from first discoveries to the most recent advances. Websites for catalogues of known pulsars are also recommended, providing a basis for new research work. The rapid pace of progress in pulsar astronomy makes this essential reading both for advanced students entering the field and established researchers.

* Only up-to-date, comprehensive review of all research topics in the field of pulsar astronomy

* Fourth edition has been fully revised to include advances in gamma-ray astronomy and millisecond pulsars

* Carefully selected literary references for each research topic extend to over 800 items, providing the foundations for further research work

1. Introduction and overview;

2. Neutron stars;

3. Telescopes and techniques;

4. The distances of the pulsars;

5. Pulsar timing;

6. Timing and astrometry of binary pulsars;

7. Timing irregularities;

8. The galactic population of pulsars;

9. The Crab and Vela pulsars;

10. Other young pulsars;

11. Millisecond and binary pulsars;

12. Accretion powered and thermal pulsars;

13. Magnetars;

14. Supernovae and their remains;

15. Integrated pulse profiles;

16. Individual radio pulses;

17. Location of the emitting regions;

18. Radiation processes;

19. The pulsar emission mechanisms;

20. Scintillation and scattering;

21. The interstellar magnetic field;

22. Achievements and prospects;


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