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The Leadership Challenge: Activities Book
Author James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner, Elaine Biech
Publisher John Wiley
ISBN 9780470477137
Classification Business & Finance > Management & Leadership
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ACTIVE Learning for Exemplary Leaders

The best leaders are the best learners. This evidence-based truth has been a foundational principle of The Leadership Challenge since it was first published nearly twenty-five years ago. In this new work, bestselling Leadership Challenge authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner team up with experiential learning expert Elaine Biech to bring today's leaders over 100 engaging activities designed to expand and accelerate their leadership development efforts.

Grounded in The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model, The Leadership Challenge Activities Book includes tools, tips, and techniques for extraordinary training delivery; suggestions for activity facilitation; an overview of The Five Practices model; and a broad selection of activities for each of The Five Practices (Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart) as well as several general leadership skills activities.

World-class contributors to this unique volume include Jean Barbazette, Geoff Bellman, Daryl Conner, Ann Hermann-Nehdi, Beverly Kaye, Lou Russell, Cal Wick as well as a selection of Leadership Challenge Certified Masters. While primarily designed for classroom training sessions, the activities can easily be adapted for one-on-one coaching situations (including LPI feedback coaching), educational classroom settings, or web-based learning sessions. A companion website features the handouts and worksheets associated with some activities, which can be reproduced and customized.

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Chapter One: Leadership and the Challenge to Make it Work.

Chapter Two: For a Dynamic Delivery.

Chapter Three: Model the Way.

Anatomy of Power (Teri-E Belf).

Values from the Movie Gandhi (Lily Cheng).

Shared Values: Drive-By Conversations (Kim Chesky).

Toothpick Activity (Mary Cooper and Debbie Zmorenski).

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (Cher Holton).

A Leadership Point of View (Edith Katz).

It's All in a Name (Jan Miller and Denise Knight).

Leadership in Context (Mohandas Nair).

Cultural Artifacts (Anne Reilly and Homer Johnson).

Setting an Example to Mirr or Is Not Enough (Cheryl L. Rude).

Ethics for the 21st Century (Charlotte S. Waisman and Linda Bedinger).

Model Behavior (Devora Zack).

Chapter Four: Inspire a Shared Vision.

Inspiration Becomes a Reality (Jean Barbazette).

Inspiring a Shared Vision Mingle (Daren Blonski).

Show Me the Mission (Angie Chaplin).

Ensuring Sponsor Commitment to Change (Daryl R. Conner).

Can You Picture This? (Timothy Ewest).

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (Leonard D. Goodstein).

Another Leader’s Dream (Donna Goss and Don Robertson).

What Does Success Look Like? (Amanda Crowell Itliong).

Blindfold Square (Jean Lee).

The Perfect Place—Heaven on Earth (Jan Miller and Denise Knight).

Modeling the Future (Linda S. Eck Mills).

Defining a Vision That Others Will Follow (Nanette Miner and Lynn Little).

The Spiritual Leader (Mohandas Nair).

Defi ne Your Values Through a Vision Statement (Steve A. Rainey).

Lights, Camera, Action! (Devora Zack).

Claiming a Breakthrough (Sherene Zolno).

Chapter Five: Challenge the Process.

Game of the Generals (Elisa May Arboleda-Cuevas and Audie Bautista Masigan).

Take Off the Blindfolds (Douglas Austrom).

The Giant Skip (Peter Cheng).

Change: Feel the Pain, See the Gain (Daryl R. Conner).

Gordon's Knot (Ricky Foo).

Take a Risk! (Dennis E. Gilbert).

When Questions Are the Answer—Challenging the Process (Barbara Pate Glacel).

Toss It Around (Ann Hermann-Nehdi).

Challenge Think Tank (Amanda Crowell Itliong).

Cash Flow Exercise (Edith Katz).

Change Project Summary (Edith Katz).

Constructing a Global Team Communications Device (John Lybarger).

Identify Perceived Causes of Resistance (Consuelo Meux).

In-Basket Exercise (Alan Richter).

Challenge the Process in Real Time (L.J. Rose).

Overcoming Barriers (Darryl Sink).

You Be the Judge! (Karen Travis).

Assumption Reframe (Devora Zack).

Chapter Six: Enable Others to Act.

What Would YOU Do in My Shoes? (Geoff Bellman).

Enabling Cross-Functional Leadership (Christopher Chaves).

Building Resilience for Change (Daryl R. Conner).

Enabling with Style (Ann Hermann-Nehdi).

Currency Exchange (Cindy Huggett).

Team Competency Development Plan (Edith Katz).

Career Conversations: Cues for Developing Others (Beverly Kaye).

Double Overlapping Strategic Cross (Sharon Landes).

What Makes You Trust Someone? (Sherri Dosher).

Trust-Building Discussion (Doug Leigh).

Human Trust Knot (Jan Miller and Denise Knight).

Trust and Communication (Jan Miller and Denise Knight).

Share Fair (Marilyn Myers).

No Easy Way Out (Mona Lee Pearl).

Coaching Versus Telling (Lou Russell).

Empowerment Force Field Analysis (Cindy Taylor).

Inflated Actions (Lorraine Ukens).

Activate to Motivate (Devora Zack).

Chapter Seven: Encourage the Heart.

Accelerating Change-Readiness (Herb Cohen and Bruce Fern).

Thank You Card (Ricky Foo).

Complimentary Closer (Michael Gerlach).

Positive Bombing (Jonas Hansson).

Conundra (Brian Jackson).

Writing and Receiving Class Affirmations (Edith Katz).

A Rewarding Activity (Lorraine Kohart).

You're Making Me Blush! (Jan Miller and Denise Knight).

Hip-Hip-Hooray (Jan Miller and Denise Knight).

Creating Your Team's Celebratory Crest (Anne Reilly and Homer Johnson).

Gifts (Kris Taylor).

Refreshing Frescos (Devora Zack).

Chapter Eight: Overarching Activities.

Dinosaurs (Douglas R. Bender, Sr.).

A Night at the Oscars (Michelle Poche Flaherty).

Confi rmation Cards (Beth High).

Winning (Steve Houchin).

Exemplary Leadership Practices Pictionary (Andy Jeff erson and Cal Wick).

Who Are Your Favorite Leaders? (Sherri Dosher).

Skit in a Box (John Lybarger and William P. van Bark).

Engagement and Risk (Andy Meyer).

Hit the Deck (Janet Morano).

Leadership in Action (Travis L. Russ).

The Leadership Challenge Workshop Follow-Up (Charles Stump).

The Leadership Race (Richard T. Whelan).

Leadership Questions (Valarie Willis).

The Five Practice Drill Down (Valarie Willis).

The Five Practices: I Know ’em When I See 'em (Donna Yurdin).

Chapter Nine: Leadership Tools and Other Times and Other Places.

Leadership Tools.

Leading from a Distance: How to Conduct an Eff ective Virtual Meeting (Debra A. Dinnocenzo).

Measure Your Networking Quotient (Michael Dulworth).

The Leadership Perspective Model (Peter R. Garber).

Cross Your Arms (Jonas Hansson).

Beat the Clock: Make Delegation Work for You! (Deborah Spring Laurel).

Building Leadership (Linda S. Eck Mills).

Emotional Intelligence for Exemplary Leadership (Dominique Parrish).

Using the Mind Screen Technique for Focus (Carole E. Pearce).

Listening Deeply as a Leader (Mary Stelletello).

My Way or the Highway (Joanne G. Sujansky).

Challenge Leadership Through Structured Reflection Interviews (Gary Wagenheim).

Other Times and Other Places What Leaders Do to Inspire (or Uninspire) Followers (Michael Kroth and Martha Yopp).

Walking the Talk (Nancy Lowery).

The Roving Lunch (Anntoinette "Toni" Lucia).

This Would Really Help Me (Robert Morris).

Chapter Ten: Where to Go Next.

About the Editors.

The Five Practices and Ten Commitments of Exemplary Leadership.

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