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Business Exposed: The Naked Truth About What Really Goes on in the World of Business
Author Freek Vermeulen
Publisher Financial Times
ISBN 9780273732921
Classification Business & Finance > Business Life
Price HK$223.00
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Cutting edge, pithy and provocative, this is a no-holds barred analysis of business today that will entertain and appal you in equal measure.

This entertaining expose of the business world, reveals the scandals, quirks, counter-intuitive behaviour and downright silliness that make up business today. Based on rigorous research and verifiable facts, combining revelation, story-telling and analysis, this book will defy anyone to read it and not emerge better-informed about the reality of business today.

From the collective inertia of middle management to the cowardly reluctance of CEOs to stand out from the crowd, from the soap opera of working with consultants to the mystery of why top executives' salaries bear no resemblance to the performance of their firms, Business Exposed will entertain and appal you in equal measure.

The author is widely recognised as a new and emerging business guru, speaking of him in 2009, the Financial Times said: "The London Business School associate professor is a rising star and his pithy observations are both accessible and authoritative."

About the Author

Publisher's acknowledgements

Introduction: The monkey story

1: Management happens

2: The Success trap (and some ideas how to get out of it)

3: The urge to conquer

4: Gods and villains

5: Liaisons and intrigues

6: Myths in management

7: Making far-reaching decisions (when you can't see a fricking thing ahead of you)

8: A rock or a soft place?

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