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I Know What You're Thinking: Using The Four Codes Of Reading People To Improve Your
Author Lillian Glass
Publisher John Wiley & Sons,Inc. NY
ISBN 9780471381402
Classification Social Science > Psychology
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A guide to reading people outlines four "codes" of communication, explaining how to interpret these codes and other behavioral cues while profiling fourteen different personality types.

PART ONE: The Art and Science of Reading
1. The "How Well Do I Read People?" Quiz.
2. Why It's So Important to Read People.
Your Answers Reflect You.
No More Victimization.
Two Scenarios: Positive and Negative.
Translating the Vibe.
3. The Basics of Reading People.
The Four Codes of Communication.
Listening to the Speaking Code.
Hearing the Vocal Code.
Watching the Body Language Code.
Looking at the Facial Code.
Read Them, Heed Them.
Using Your Brain.
4. Increasing Your People Reading Skills.
People Reading Survey.
The Ten Characteristics of Great People
How to Stop, Look, and Listen.
PART TWO: Mastering the Four Codes of
Introduction: The People Reading Checklist.
5. Understanding the Speech Code.
Speech Code Survey.
Verbal Leakage.
Verbal Leaks and Speech Codes.
6. Understanding the Vocal Code.
Vocal Code Survey.
The Mirror of the Soul.
The Voice Doesn't Lie.
Exceptions in Vocal Code Analysis.
Analyzing Vocal Cues.
Making Your Voice Give the Right Message.
7. Understanding the Body Language Code.
Body Language Code Survey.
Celebrity Body Reading.
The Body Doesn't Lie.
Posturing: Straight and Not.
Be Fully Armed.
Emotional Hands.
Emotional Feet.
Leg Reading.
The Walk.
What You Wear.
Grooming and Hygiene.
8. Understanding the Facial Code.
Facial Code Survey.
Facial Disconnects.
Facial Attraction.
Emotional Eyes.
Eyebrow Expressions.
Read My Lips.
The Emotional Chin.
The Nose Knows.
Ear Talk.
Aloof Expressions.
The Sincere Face.
PART THREE: Using the Codes to Determine
Personality Types.
9. Understanding the Fourteen Personality
Categorizing People.
Personality Profile Quiz.
Psychological Considerations.
First Impressions.
The Fourteen Personality Types.
10. Conclusion: Understanding What It's All
Integrating All Four Codes of Communication.
Appendix A: Recommended Reading.
Appendix B: Gallup Poll Results Concerning
Annoying Speech Habits.

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