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Very Short Introductions (56): Barthes
Author Jonathan Culler
Publisher Oxford University Press, Inc.
ISBN 9780192801593
Classification Philosophy > Western Philosophy
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Roland Barthes was the leading figure of French Structuralism, the theoretical movement of the 1960s which revolutionized the study of literature and culture, as well as history and psychoanalysis. But Barthes was a man who disliked orthodoxies. His shifting positions and theoretical interests make him hard to grasp and assess. This book surveys Barthes'work in clear, accessible prose, highlighting what is most interesting and important in his work today.


1 Man of parts

2 Literary Historian

3 Mythologist

4 Critic

5 Polemicist

6 Semiologist

7 Structuralist

8 Hedonist

9 Writer

10 Man of Letters

11 Barthes after Barthes


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